O&C II: How to craft New 1348 GS Epic Gear
Guide created by Ansager & Astral

You have to get Green LVL55 Gear 1054 GS - can be any gear.
(Source: TSL Daily Chest, LVL55 Reward Chest, Ancient Chest Lotto)

Then you need the Enchanted Material: (Source: TSL + Havendwoods Strongest Warrior Solo Dungeon)
Warrior / Bloodknight: Enchanted Abyssal Iron
Mage / Monk: Enchanted Windproof Cloth Roll
Ranger: Enchanted Sandshark Leather

Now you can craft the Blue Gear 1188 GS.
(1 Green Gear 1054 GS + 20 Enchanted Materials for your class + 1 Rime Dust from 3SL)
Now you dismantle the Blue Gear 1188 GS and get 1 Enchanted Item which you need to craft Epic Gear 1330 GS.

Warrior / Bloodknight: Enchanted Psionic Spar
Mage / Monk: Enchanted Spun Gold
Ranger: Enchanted Sandshark Leather Scraps

Craft Excellent Ro'an Handmade Leather (Source: TSL) -> Excellent Ro'an Handmade Leather Roll

Also if you dismantle 3SL Gear you get 90 Excellent Ro'an Handmade Leather.

Now if you have enough Materials you can craft the Epic 1330 GS Gear

The Charged Material you get from TSL to upgrade 1330 GS to 1348 GS Gear.
(Requires 11201 GS to drop)