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2017-03-24 at 5:06 PM
Hello everyone,

The current season will end soon, rewards will be sent based on the final ranking after the season ends. Besides, there will be some change in the upcoming Season 4, please see details below.


1. Offseason has been introduced in this update. Players cannot join battlefield in this short period of time after the end of the current Season and before the start of new Season 4.

2. Players’ battlefield league will remain for a while before new season starts. Players can still purchase items in the Battlefield Shop based on the current Battlefield Level.

3. Player’s ranking will remain visible in the leaderboard. (There will be a delay in syncing the final leaderboard on your end. Don’t worry if you find the ranking changes after the Season 3 ends.)

4. If you start a battle before the offseason, and finish it after offseason begins. There won’t be any change to you league points.

*purpose of the offseason is to provide convenience to you to check your final ranking and purchase items that still require certain ranking.

Matchmaking Rule

There will be some modification on the high league matchmaking rules trying to prevent boosting behavior for better game play experience.

Change on Season 4 Reward – PVP Armors

New Armors ‘Behemoth’ (1538) and ‘Nirvana’(1618) will be added in the Battlefield Armor Chest (Blue) for each class in Season 4.

1. Armor ‘Behemoth’ (1538) can be obtained from Gold III or higher level chests;

2. ‘Nirvana’(1618) can be obtained from Platinum II or higher level chests.

3. Some armors from previous updates will be moved to earlier stages.

New loot rules has been added in the Battlefield Armor Chest (Blue) of all stage in Season 4. We’ve increased the weight of new armor sets among the rest of the rewards, making it easier for players to get new armors in the new Season.

Crafting materials for higher level armors has been added in Battlefield Daily Chest in Season 4.

1. The daily chest of Gold III and Gold II will provide ‘Phoenix Ashes’;

2. The daily chest of Gold I and Platinum I will provide ‘Tainted Fossil of the Great Creation’ (For ‘Behemoth’);

3. The daily chest of Platinum II or higher will provide ‘Corroded Fossil of the Great Creation’ (For ’Nirvana’)

Change on Season 4 Reward – PVP Weapon

1. New Weapon stage ‘Quicksand’ has been added for all type of PVP weapon in Season 4. The chest of Platinum I or higher level will provide upgrading materials. Some upgrading materials for previous weapons will be moved to earlier stages.

2. Loot rules for materials in chest has been modified in Season 4. Drop rate of different materials has been adjusted to almost the same level, hoping more players can get what they want instead of playing for a specific material repeatedly because of bad luck.

3. Drop rate for old materials has been increased in Season 4.
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